Japanese drum "Wadaiko" playing experience

This is a one-time complete taiko playing experience.

Wadaiko is a Japanese performing art that combines elements of exercise and music.

We offer a Japanese cultural experience that is rare in Okinawa!

<Japanese traditional instrument "Wadaiko" Workshop>


 Example of a typical program

 〇Step 1 (about 5 to 10 minutes)

  Brief explanation about Wadaiko.


 〇Step 2 (30-50 minutes)

  Lecture on how to hold and play the Wadaiko, and practice simple phrases.

  Practice connecting the phrases to play a short piece of music.


 〇Step3 (about 5-10 minutes)

  Put on the traditional costume and play the song.


 〇Step4 (about 3 minutes)

  Performance by the instructor.


 〇Step5 (about 3 minutes)

  A commemorative photo is taken and the session ends.


【Time required】 About 60 minutes (up to 6 people) / About 90 minutes (7 or more people)


【Place】 Ametsuchi Sogakudo (1408-2 Sashiki Shinzato, Nanjo City,Okinawa,Japan)


【Acceptable number of students】  2 persons - 12persons

        *If only one person participates, the fee will be increased by 50%.

        *If more than 13 people, it is possible to rent a different location for the event.But studio rental, drum rental and transportation costs will be estimated separately.


【Age Range】8 years old and up


【Fee】 11,000 yen ~ (tax included) per person (2-6 people)

    8,800 yen ~ (tax included) per person (7 or more people)

    Includes taiko rental, studio rental and costume rental.


【Options available】There will be a full-fledged performance viewing and a giveaway of drumsticks. Please contact us.



〇The lectures on Wadaiko can be given in simple English.However,if you want to know more about the history of Wadaiko or the meaning of the instrument, please bring an interpreter with you.

〇Please come in clothes that are easy to exercise in. Ametsuchi Sogakudo is a non-smoking and strictly prohibited wearing shoes.

〇Please understand that we are not responsible for any injuries, accidents, or problems that may occur at the Ametsuchi Sogakudo (including the parking lot).

〇If you are found to be obstructing or disturbing the progress of the program, we will stop the seminer and ask you to leave immediately.In such cases, the fee paid will not be refunded.

If you intentionally damage or deface any of the equipment in the studio, including musical instruments, you will be required to pay for the cost of repair or purchase of equivalent equipment.


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【Contact us】

そらなりStudio"Soranari Studio" 098-914-4315/soranari.studio@gmail.com

For inquiries in English, please contact us by email rather than by phone.

Telephone calls are only available in Japanese.